Non Alcoholic


Cloudy Apple$4.50

Soft Drink

Soda, Lime and Bitters$4 | $6
Lemon, Lime and Bitters$4 | $6
Coke$3 | $5
Coke Zero$3 | $5
Lemonade$3 | $5
Lemon Squash$3 | $5
Dry Ginger Ale$3 | $5
Bundaberg Ginger Beer$5
Tonic water$3 | $5
Soda Water$3 | $5
Raspberry$3 | $5


Sparkling water$4.50

Mineral water$4.50

per person


Long & Short Macchiato$4.50
Piccolo |  Ristretto$4.50
Flat white$5.50
Chai Latte$5.50
Long Black$4.50
Short Black$4

Lactose Free$0.50
Extra Shot$0.50

Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso, a shot of butterscotch and your choice of liqueur

Virgin Affogato - Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso and a shot of butterscotch


Earl Grey$4
Lemongrass and Ginger$4
Green tea $4
English breakfast$4

Lemon iced tea$4.50

Hot chocolate

Made with Squires Loft original chocolate fudge sauce



Lyre's Passionfruit Martini$16
Lyre's Dry London Spirit | Vanilla Syrup | Passionfruit Pulp | Fresh Lime Juice 

Pineapple Cobbler$16
Pineapple juice | Fresh Strawberries | Soda Water | Fresh Lime Juice

Strawberry Ginger fizz$16
Fresh Strawberries | Fresh lime Juice | Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Soda Water

Lyre's Espresso Martini$16
Lyre's Coffee Originale | Lyre's White Cane Spirit | Double shot Fresh Espresso | House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup

Lyre's Amaretto Sour$16
Lyre's Amaretti | Fresh Lemon Juice | House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup | Egg White | Bitters

Lyre's Mojito$16
Lyre's White Cane Spirit| Fresh Muddled Lime | House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup | Fresh Mint | Soda Water

Lyre's Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri$16
Lyre's White Cane Spirit| Fresh Strawberries | House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup | Fresh Lime Juice | Pinch of Salt


Champagne & Sparkling

Mount Majura$15 | $60
Canberra | ACT

Light & Sweet

De Bortoli Willowglen Moscato$13 | $48
Yarra Valley | VIC

De Bortoli Sparkling Moscato
  $13 | $48Yarra Valley | VIC


Cloak & Dagger Prosecco$13 | $48
NV | King Valley | SA


Pacha Mama Reisling$15 | $60
2018 | Niddrie | VIC

Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris

De Bortoli Estate Vineyard Pinot Gris
$13 | $48
Yarra Valley| VIC

Pinocchio Pinot Grigio$15 | $60
King Valley | VIC

Stumpy Gully Pinot Grigio$16 | $65
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Polperro Estate Pinot Gris$18 | $75
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Sauvignon Blanc

The Pass by Vavasour Sauc. Blanc$13 | $48
2019 | Marlborough | NZ


Peninsula Panorama$13 | $50
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Trofeo Estate Amphora Chardonnay$15.5 | $62
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Point Leo Estate Chardonnay$30 | $120
2018 | Mornington Peninsula | VIC


Even Keel Rose$14.5 | $57
NV | Mornington Peninsula | VIC




Pinot Noir

De Bortoli Regional Reserve Pinot Noir$13 | $48
Yarra Valley | VIC

Montalto Estate Pennon Hill Pinot Noir$19 | $82
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Crittenden Estate Peninsula Pinot Noir$19 | $82
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Polperro Estate Pinot Noir
$23 | $98Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Dessert Wine

Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Topaque$15.5 | $62
Rutherglen | VIC


De Bertoli Woodfired Shiraz$13 | $48
Heathcote | VIC

Mornington Estate Shiraz$14.5 | $56
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Montalto Pennon Hill Shiraz$19 | $82
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Point Leo Estate Shiraz$32 | $135
Mornington Peninsula | VIC

Cabernet & Merlot

De Bortoli Willowglen Shiraz Cabernet$13 | $48
Yarra Valley | VIC

De Bortoli Willowglen Cabernet Merlot$13 | $48
Yarra Valley | VIC

De Bortoli La Bossa Merlot$13 | $48
Yarra Valley | VIC

Pepper Tree Cabernet Sauvignon$13.5 | $52
Wrattonbully | VIC

Crittenden Estate 'Los Hermanos' Tempranillo$14.5 | $56
King Valley | VIC

Beers & Ciders


On tap$6 | $10
Carlton Draught
Jetty Road Pale Ale
Great Northern
St Andrews Pilsner

By the bottle

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale$12

Carlton Dry$8
Cascade Premium Light$6
Carlton Zero (Non Alcoholic)$5


By the bottle
Genuine Apple-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$12
Strawberry Lime-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$12
Ginger-Mr Little Peninsula Cider$12
Somersby - Pear Cider

 Liqueurs & Fortifieds

Liqueurs (30ml)

Bailey's Irish Cream,   Ireland$10
Irish Mist Honey Blended Whisky,   Ireland$12
Grand Marnier,  France$14
Chambord,   France$10
Cointreau,   France$12
Drambuie,   Scotland$12
Fireball Canadian Whiskey,   Canada$12
Frangelico,   Italy$10
Kahlua,   Mexico$10
Malibu,   Barbados$10
Midori,  Japan$12
Schnapps Apple,   Netherlands$10
Schnapps Butterscotch,   Netherlands$10
Schnapps Peach,   Netherlands$10
Galliano Vanilla,   Italy$10
Galliano Sambuca Black,   Italy$12
Galliano Sambuca White,   Italy$12
Southern Comfort Louisiana Whiskey,   USA$10
Tia Maria,  Italy$10


Fortifieds (60ml)


Galway Pipe Port, Australia$12
Penfolds Grandfather Port, Australia$19



Spirits (30ml)

Tanqueray(House), England$12
Four Pillars,   Australia$14
Ink Dry Gin Husk,   Australia$12
Gordon's Pink Gin, England$12
Hendricks,   Scotland$14
Roku,   Japan$14

Ouzo 12 (House),   Greece$12

Jose Cuervo Reposado (House),   Mexico$12
1800 Silver,   Mexico$16
1800 Coconut,   Mexico$16

Bondi Blue (House),  Australia$12
Tasmanian 666 Original,   Australia$14
Stolichnaya Elit, Russia$12
Stolichnaya Salted Caramel,   Russia$14
Grey Goose,   France$16


+ Extra shot (please add half the listed price to the drink)

Spirits (30ml)

Bundaberg (House),   Australia$10
Bacardi White Rum,   Cuba$12
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum,   Jamaica$12
Plantation Original Dark Rum,   Jamaica$12
Plantation 3 Stars White Rum,   Jamaica$12

Whisky & Bourbon
Johnnie Walker Red Whisky (House),   Scotland$12
Johnnie Walker Black Blended Whisky ,  Scotland$14
Johnnie Walker Blue Blended Whisky,   Scotland$36
Macallan 12y.o Single Malt Whisky,   Scotland$22
Lagavulin 16y.o Islay Single Malt Whisky,   Scotland$22
Starward Sorela Single Malt Whiskey,  Australia$20
Suntory World Blended Whisky,   Japan$16
The Whistler Irish Whiskey,   Ireland$14

Jameson Triple Distilled Whiskey,   Ireland$12
Canadian Club 12y.o Whisky,   Canada$14
Fireball Cinnamon Flavoured Whisky,   Canada$12
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky (House),   USA$12
Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey,   USA$14
Jim Bean White Label Bourbon Whiskey (House),   USA$12
Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon,   USA$12
Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon,   USA$14

Brandy & Cognac
St Remy Brandy (House),   France$14
Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac,   France$16
Hennessy X.O Cognac,   France$36



Long Island Ice Tea $26
Tasmanian 666 Vodka I Gin I Tequila I White Rum I Cointreau I
Fresh Lemon Juice I House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup I Coke 

Espresso Martini $24
Tasmanian 666 Vodka I Mr Black Liqueur I Frangelico I Espresso Shot | Coffee & Cocoa Bitters |  Vanilla Galliano | Home Made Simple Syrup

Blackberry Gin and Jam $24
Tanqueray Gin I Elderflower Liqueur I Blackberry Jam I Fresh Lemon Juice I Rosemary I Soda Water

Pisco Sour$24

Imported Peruvian Quebranta Pisco I Fresh Lemon Juice I Egg White | Angostura Bitters

Amaretto Sour
Disaronno Amaretto I Fresh Lemon Juice I Egg White I Maraschino Cherry Liqueur I
Angostura Bitters

Whiskey Sour$22

Makers Mark I Fresh Lemon Juice I Egg White | Angostura Bitters

Passionfruit Martini$24

Tasmanian 666 Vodka I Passionfruit Puree I Egg White I House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup I Fresh Lime Juice

French Martini$22

Tasmanian 666 Vodka I Chambord I Fresh Pineapple Juice

Summer Fling
Midori I Peach Schnapps I Cointreau I Pineapple Juice I Fresh Lemon Juice


Bacardi White Rum I Fresh Muddled Lime I Fresh Mint I House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup I Soda Water

Dark and Stormy

Plantation Caribbean Dark Rum I Ginger Beer I Fresh Lime Juice$20

Love Martini$22

Malibu I Caramel Salted Vodka | Peach Schnapps

Aperol Spritz
Aperol I Prosecco I Soda water

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri$24

Bacardi White Rum I Fresh Strawberries | Fresh Lime Juice I Home Made Simple Vanilla Bean Syrup

Tasmanian 666 Vodka I Cointreau I Fresh Lime Juice I Cranberry Juice

Pina Colada
Bacardi White Rum I Coconut Lopez I Fresh Pineapple Juice | Fresh Lime Juice$22

Coconut Tequila Delight

1800 Coconut Tequila | Freshly Squeezed Lime Wedges | House Made Vanilla Bean Syrup | Lemonade


Vodka Caramel Delight
Salted Caramel Vodka | Freshly Squeezed Lime Wedges | Home Made Vanilla Bean Syrup | Lemonade$22


Chairman's Selection of  International & Fine Wines

Argentina$24 | $110
Bodega Catena Zapata
Varietal: Malbec

Malbec grapes are sourced from high-altitude vineyards (up to 1,120 metres above sea level, compared to Red Hill at 189 meters), and produced by Bodega Catena since 1902 from hand-picked grapes resulting in a medium-bodied, spicy reds full of black fruit flavours, soft tannins and a nice well-balanced finish.

Chile$29 | $136
Quelat Ventisquera
Varietal: Carmenere, Syrah
A deep cherry red wine with an attractive nose of black and red fruits full full of blueberries, strawberries and cherries, spicy and earthy notes with hints of chocolate and vanilla. Well-balanced, great structure with velvet tannins and a clean finish.

France - Bordeaux $29 | $136

Ch Lanessan Haut Medoc
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

Typically dry red Bordeaux notes, multi-layered nose with fleshy tannins produced from 32ha of 30+ year old vines on gravel beds on Right Bank Bordeaux.

$38 | $175

Ch Teyssier, 1 er Grand Cru Classe
Varietal: Merlot (70%), Cab Franc (30%)
A modern blend made from handpicked grapes, dark plums and berries. Hintsof cedar, full-bodied with chewy tannins and a nice long structured length.

France - Burgundy$37 | $170

Ch De Chamirey Mercurey
Varietal: Pinot Noir

A well-balanced dry red Pinot Noir, full of rip red berry fruit flavours, cherries with nice spice and a long smooth finish. Produced by a top estate since the 19th Century sourced from the 10 small plots on clay and limestone soil and fermented with natural yeasts.

France - Rhone 
$37 | $170
De Beaucastel Coudelet
Varietal: Grenache (30%), Mouvèdre (30%), Cinsault (20%), Syrah (20%)
A beautiful structured, powerful full-bodied red wine full of ripe red fruits, wild strawberries, spice, garrigue, with smooth velvet tannins. Often considered as the baby Beaucastel from world-known Chateau de Beaucastel.

Italy- Tuscany $28 | $132

lsole e Olena Chiante Classico
Varietal: Sangiovese

A stunning example of a 100% Sangiovese wine produced by one of Tuscany’s most consistent producers for more than 40 years. A full bodied and fruity dry red with a deep crimson red colour, lots of red berries, red plums, strawberries, dark cherries and earthy notes. Elegant with silky tannins and a long structured smooth finish.

Ornellaia Le Volte $28 | $132
Varietal: Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon

A superb dry red showing elegance and balance, very fruity, with floral and spice, good tannic structure and a smooth and soft palate Founded in 1981 and managed currently by the well-known Frescobaldi family

Italy- Venice$23 | $105

Allegrini Valpolocella
Varietal: Corvina Veronese, Rodinella, Molinara
Vivid ruby red colour. Fragrant fruit with prominent notes of redcurrant, red cherries, black pepper and aromatic herbs typical of Corvina and Rondinella, the historic varieties of this appellation. Soft tannic structure and nice finish.

New Zealand 

$26 | $125Varietal: Pinot Noir

A savoury structured, beautiful layered Pinot Noir , elegantly concentrated with dark berry fruit flavours, medium bodied, wild fermented and produced by one of New Zealand’s premier wineries in the smallest wine region of New Zealand.

Portugal $17 | $75

Altano Tinto Douro
Varietal: Touriga Nacional (90%), Touriga Franca (10%)
A dry red full-bodied wine full of ripe black fruits, hints of chocolate, violets, roses and floral notes made by the award-winning Warre’s Port house.

South Africa 
$34 | $155
The Chocolate Block
Varietal: Syrah (71%), Grenache (11%), Cinsault (9%), Cabernet Sauvignon (8%), Viognier (1%)

Intense aromas of black cherries, cardamom, sweet tobacco and espresso. Complex and juicy palatte with ripe plums, blackolives and liquorice. Medium bodied with earthy layered characters from tart red plums to rich blue and black berries, smoky finish.

Spain $24 | $110

De Torres Celeste
Varietal: Tempranillo
Dry, cherry red, volumptous, ripe black berries, roasted coffee, fleshy and dense produced by one of the world’s great wine families Torres since 1870.

$25 | $115
The Pairing - Santa Barbara County California
Varietal: Pinot Noir
This is a delicious Pinot Noir with a nice balanced structure and purity of fruit. Medium bodied with flavours of earthy cherry and raspberry fruits, violets and peppery herb-like aromas and supple tannins.

McLarenVale- SA$24 | $110

Munda Kaurna Country Blewitt Springs
Varietal: Syrah
An aromatic nose of blueberries, dark cherry fruits and spice notes. Medium to full bodies with plum and dark cherry fruits burst onto the palate. Vibrant fruit combones with notes of black fruits and cacao. The hallmark sandy/biscuity tannins of Blewitt Spring linger on the palate. Munda or ‘land’ expresses the terroir by over 80,000 years from the many Aboriginal countries in Australia.

Heathcote- VIC
$25 | $115
De Bortoli Handcrafted Heathcote
Varietal: Shiraz

Dark colour with garnet edge. Haunting, ethereal, deeply scented forest aromas. Dense mouth filling flavours, quite supple and relaxed, dark fruits, earthen and compelling.

Barossa- SA$37 | $170

Yalumba The SIgnature
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz
Deep purple-red in colour, seductive aromas of blackberry fruits, dark cherry and red pomegranate. The palate is generous with dark cherry red fruit, full bodied and a good tannic structure. This is a refined and elegantly styled Signature blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from a star of the 2019 vintage produced by family winemakers of Yalumba in Barossa.

Mornington Peninsula- VIC
$38 | $175
Crittenden Estate Cri De Coeur
Varietal: Pinot Noir
A portion of the fruit for this wine was not de-stemmed but fermented with the whole bunches. After ferment this portion was blended with another conventionally destemmed batch from the same clones.



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